Tired of Sitting on the Sideline?

TSL Physio has a long standing history and extensive experience in treating athletic and sport injuries. Our team of physiotherapists have a strong background of playing and treating athletes involved in recreational and elite level sport. Most of our therapists have competed at the elite level and have had to deal with injuries themselves. Our team of therapists have provided treatment, exercise programs, and educational advice to all types of athletes. Whether you are a professional, a competitive athlete or a weekend warrior, we are happy to help you with your sports injuries.

How We Can Help

The aim of sports physiotherapy is to:

  • Treat and completely rehabilitate the athlete after an injury or a surgery
  • To prevent further injury
  • To maintain or regain the strength, flexibility or endurance of the athlete

Our physiotherapists take all of these things in to account and work with the athlete in order to have them return to the sport in the shortest yet safest possible timeline.

We often use a multidisciplinary approach to the management of sports related injuries. Involving our massage therapists and kinesiologists helps ensure the client is participating in all aspects of the recovery process.

The goal of treatment involves the following to ensure the safe return of the athlete:

  • Protection of the injured tissues
  • Promotion of healing
  • Control of the early inflammatory phases
  • Improve flexibility, strength, and proprioception
  • Identify and address muscle-imbalance

Call us to today to book an appointment and let us help you get back in the game!