Don’t Let An Accident Stop You From Enjoying Life Again

What to Expect From Your Body After A Car Accident

Many people who are involved in a motor vehicle accident sustain injuries to their neck and back. These injuries can lead to pain, stiffness, weakness and an inability to return to work or participate in their normal activities of daily living. The physiotherapists at TSL Physio are trained to safely assess the status of your musculoskeletal and neurological systems to determine the most appropriate treatment for your injuries. Your physiotherapist will guide you throughout your rehabilitation program and assist you with pain control, improving your mobility and strength and returning you to your normal lifestyle.

How to Get Back on the Road Faster

Recovering from an accident big or small is a difficult task and takes a team of people to get you there. Our dedicated physiotherapists and massage therapists will work side by side to help you achieve the optimum recovery time. However, we understand it takes more than just us to get you back on the road so we will work with your doctor, other health care professionals, insurance companies, and of course you and your family. Through this holistic approach we will set you up for success and be there to help from start to finish.