How Able Are You?

A functional capacity evaluation (FCE) is an assessment which measures a person’s level of function and ability to perform functional or work related tasks on a safe and dependable basis over a defined period of time. Information collected during the assessment is analyzed by the physiotherapist in order to establish the worker’s current level of function in regards to their ability to perform a variety of job functions. Through the analysis and interpretation of the data, a workers ability to return to work can be determined.

Individuals who can benefit from having an FCE done are:

  • Those who have been injured, rehabilitated and are looking to return to work
  • Those who have been in a non-work related accident (ie. car accident) and are looking to return to work
  • Students who are transitioning from school to the work environment

Whether you are an employer or employee our registered physiotherapists would love to help you find out just how able you are.