In Pain While On The Job?

Ever feel like your work environment is a pain in the… neck? Well maybe it is. Many work stations can cause a worker to remain in awkward and non-neutral body positions for long periods of time or expose them to repetitive motions. An Ergonomic Assessment is a thorough assessment that addresses the relationship between the environment and the worker. This includes factors such as job demands, job design, cognitive demands, the physical environment and the organization of the work to be performed.

The staff at TSL Physio has taken post graduate courses to specialize in ergonomic assessment and can assess work factors like job demands, job design, and physical work environment. Our therapists will travel to your workplace and assess your work station for any hazards (i.e. awkward postures, repetitive movements, etc) and risks. They will also provide you and your employer with a report and recommendation to reduce and or eliminate these potential hazards. Our therapists at TSL Physio will help take the pain out of your workday!