Each month we hosted a different event and all donations were tallied up at the end of the 5 events and donated to the Janeway during the telethon!


  • Since we missed the Jamarama day last October we decided to have our own PJ day in January so, all the staff wore their comfiest PJ’s to work. We got a few weird looks at first, some people thought we forgot to get dressed this morning but, then realized what it was for. We had a great day and managed to raise close to $200!


  • As many other workplaces and schools did we participated in Pink Shirt Day for anti-bullying and our staff provided pink themed treats for our clients who donated. Here are some pictures from such a great day! We raised close to another $100 at this event, a huge thank you to our staff and clients for their support so far!


  • Is it even March if you don’t do something St. Paddy’s themed? Well we don’t think so! This month we sold tickets on an incredible basket of goodies!
  • We sold over 900 tickets and raised nearly $1500 towards our campaign!
  • This project was made such a success by our clients and staff and we can’t thank you all enough, stay tuned for more opportunities!


  • This month we partnered with out neighbours Bespoke Cycle for a Ride to Raise. This ride was sold out and some of our team went to check it out for themselves, see some of the fun they had below!
  • With the $10 donation for admission and tickets we sold on a goodie bag we raised over $450!
  • We are slowly but surely reaching our campaign goal. What will May bring? Stay tuned to find out, it’s gonna be a good one!


  • This month we sold tickets for a chance to pie the TSL staff. We had such a great response and raise over $700 on this project alone!
  • After it all came to a close we had our top five staff members who were going to get pied. Kayley, Dan, Brad, Liv and Kate.
  • There are a few pictures here but check out our facebook page to see the videos of each team member getting pied!


  • Our staff had an incredible time answering the phones at the Telethon on Sunday morning!
  • We definitely can’t wait to go back again next year and take more of the staff with us!
  • Our grand total for our January to June for the Janeway Campaign came in at $3500.00
  • THANK YOU, we could not have done with without the support of our clients, family, friends and staff!
"January to June for the Janeway"