Who We Are

We are a multidisciplinary clinic that offers a variety of services aimed towards the prevention and treatment of injuries. Our staff is made up of dynamic personalities that will have you laughing and smiling from beginning to end. From Physiotherapists, Registered Massage Therapists, and an Acupuncturist, to Kinesiologists, Physiotherapy Assistants and MUN Co-operative Education students you will find us all at TSL Physio. With our knowledgeable staff and dedication to creating individualized treatments and exercise programs your path to recovery starts with us. As much as we like to laugh, what we enjoy even more is seeing people become the best versions of themselves!

Where It All Started

Therapeutic Services Ltd. has been providing professional treatment for residents of Newfoundland and Labrador since we opened our doors in 1979.

Therapeutic Services Ltd. began as a medical and surgical supply company in 1979. One day a doctor arrived with a patient in tow as they were unable to get into the hospital for treatment due to long waiting lists. So, they brought down a treatment table and that was the first recorded treatment at Therapeutic Services Ltd.

Our first location was in the Wedgewood Park Medical building on Gleneyre Street. It’s grand opening was in August of 1979 and we practiced out of that location until it could no longer hold us. The demand for physiotherapy services in St. John’s grew and to accommodate the demand we grew as well. Therapeutic Services Ltd. moved to it’s second location, The Bally Rou Place, in the year 1990. This space allowed us to have more beds and a larger gym area to help serve our clients better.

As times changed, demand continued to grow and we realized that our location needed to be more accessible. We searched for a location that was wheelchair accessible, safe for individuals with any impairment or disability, as well as something with a shorter walking distance from the car to our door for clients. Therapeutic Services Ltd. found all this in the location at 20 Highland Drive and we relocated there in 1996. This location also allowed us to expand our gym and bring in more equipment so we could better assist people in Occupational Rehabilitation and getting them prepared to return to work.

Liv and Dan had just welcomed their second child Freya when they decided to expand and open up a second clinic in 2008. They purchased the building formerly known as the Old Brewers Retail in Churchill Square. With already busy schedules, a brand new baby and toddler they renovated the building opened Therapeutic Services LTD. for business in Spring of 2009.

Where Are We Now?

In 2017 we opened our newest location on 55 White Rose Drive and still remain open in Churchill Square at 35 Rowan Street.

Upon opening our new clinic we shortened our name to TSL Physio to make it easier for everyone to remember us.

TSL Physio prides itself on providing a friendly and relaxing atmosphere. Our treatments are provided in large private rooms to ensure client confidentiality. We also have colourful art decorating our walls to cheer up the space and a large rehabilitation fitness area that enables clients of all ages to optimize their recovery. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you through your recovery!